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Tutor Game

** This game is currently not available to the general public, we can supply a link on request.
The Tutor Game is part quiz, part video and slide show instructional tool, and part game. Concepts are introduced via video and slide shows, then players are presented with a multiple choice quiz game. Concepts and topics are introduced throughout the experience allowing many concepts to be introduced in one session. There are two games to choose from, a strategy game and a connect game. The whole app is dynamically driven via XML, so an instructor can customize it, setting what videos and images play and when. Concepts can be introduced at any point, ex: videos and slides introduce a history concept followed by three questions, then another concept is introduced followed by 5 questions, and so on. XML controls all scoring and some of the behaviors of the games. It was partially funded by The National Science Foundation (click here to read more).



Dayvid Jones - Producer, Creative Director, Game Designer, UX Designer, Graphic Designer, Lead Developer

Eliza Banu - Game and UX Design.

Ashok Manoharan - Game and UX Design.

Paul Angileri - Game and UX Design.
Toolwire - Project Management, general oversight and support.
Laboratory for Innovative Technology and Engineering Education at Auburn University - Project Management, general oversight and support.